Vital World


The Foundation of All Therapies

By Han Marie Stiekema, M.Drs.
since 1972

("Dr. Han")


Chapter 1 The Situation
The crisis in Health Care
Chapter 2 MESS
Multi-Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome
Chapter 3 Regeneration East-West
Basic philosophy
Chapter 4 New Physics
Scientific Support
Chapter 5 Flow System Therapy
Medical system theory and practice
Chapter 6 The Matrix
Ground Regulation
Chapter 7 FST Guasha
Universal Regeneration Therapy
Chapter 8 Dynamic System Pathology
Additional Scientific Support for the Guasha Therapy
Chapter 9 Chronic Disease
A Case History
Chapter 10 The New Health Care
Self Care* Holistic Medicine*Technological Medicine

Health Education for All
drs. MeiMei & “dr.Han”

Chapter 1: The Situation

The core of the crisis in Health Care worldwide is that it doesnt comply with its mission: promoting health, preventing disease and curing people. Despite enormous investments in effort, money, innovation, science and organization (chronic) disease is steadily on the rise. To an extent that the balance between input (“care”) and output (“cure”) is nowhere to see. If Health Care doesnt deliver on such a major scale, then something must be fundamentally wrong.

In order to have a full understanding a short excursion to the past. Few people realize that our “health care” rests on the uttering of just one scientist: R. Virchow (1821-1902). He said: “Illness is in the cell”. He said that as a reaction to more than 2000 years of Hippocratic Medicine, where illness was considered to start in the “extracellular matrix” (“humoral pathology”). The birth of Virchows cellular pathology was greatly promoted by upcoming medical technology, which made it possible to study cellular structures.

Ever since this axiom has never been disputed or challenged. It is similar to a religious belief! Despite the fact that representatives of the “Old School” - Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689), Herman Boerhaave (1668-1738 University Leiden, Boerhaave Kliniek), Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland (1762-1836) and Carl von Rokitansky (1804-1878) were physicians of European fame, based on clinical experience with pre-cellular medicine. People from all corners came to them with severe chronic disorders enjoying very high cure rates, contrary to “modern medicine” with its extremely poor record.

“That which is your strength becomes your weakness”. This saying can be applied to modern “regular” medicine. Its problem is its one-sidedness. As long as technology could provide regular innovation, medicine could maintain its dominant position. Even today regular medicine impresses by its technological “achievements”. It has made people blind for the fact that the emperor has no clothes, e.g. that under the surface of its impressive image, the concrete results are far beyond those of its Hippocratic predecessors. In order to come to the core of the matter we have to scrutinize its original hypothesis. The answer can be quickly given: “Disease does NOT originate in the cell”. This insight has severe consequences. If the foundations of a house are rotten you can build very nice upper floors. Sooner or later the building will collapse though.

To those in the West who see, it is clear that “regular medicine” “has fulfilled its historic mission”, an euphemism for the fact that it has failed to achieve its aims. This, obviously, has to be clarified. As has been said above, instead of clinical experience, (technological) science very quickly became the dominant factor behind regular medicine. It has culminated today where “science”, not clinical practice dominates. Everything that is not “scientifically proven” is considered not serious (or worse). The question arises what kind of research is this that managed to get the upper hand? This science (technological, pharmacological) soon faced a fundamental problem: it couldnt cope with the complexity of biological organisms. Its physical procedures are simply too simple for it. Instead of acknowledging its incompetence it found its solution in reducing the interrelated phenomena of human bodies to simple one-dimensional relationships. Not health and disease became the scope of research, but symptoms. Thus e.g. hypertension (instead of a symptom of a complicated, individually determined complex) is declared the “disease”, while its “cure” simply consists in taking a pill that “normalizes” it.

This reductionist approach has managed to become acknowledged as the “official” science, to which everything has to be submitted (“evidence-based medicine”). However, pharmacological research is not about finding a real cure, but to develop a drug that can remove a particular symptom. Oppressing symptoms while calling it “cure” is very misleading. It is the greatest conspiracy ever. It found its parallel in the WHO definition of health. In the past it said: “Health is to be free of symptoms”. Later this text was changed into “Health as the wellbeing spiritually, psychologically and physically”. It sounds good but in practice this proved to have little impact. Since nobody can achieve this “high goal” people (and doctors) simply understood it the old way: wellbeing as the absence of symptoms. Ideology confirmed daily practice. In reality they are totally opposite to each other, though. And that is the misleading thing about it. While trumpeting the idealistic phrase, by oppressing symptoms daily medical practice is promoting further deterioration of chronic disease.

In the West regular medicine loses its credibility because of its inability to cure chronic disease. Major syndromes - diabetes, cardio-vascular, rheumatism, arthrosis, pain-syndromes, asthma, migraine, hypertension, cancer, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer etc. - are treated only symptomatically. While prevention (lifestyle) is neglected. Non-Western countries are increasingly criticizing Western regular medicine, advocating traditional ways of medicine. Even the WHO is supporting this. F.i. it welcomed President Xi Jinpings initiative to give TCM a special place in his Healthy China project. This looks very hopeful. The Chinese millennia-long experience with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) may have contributed to this outspoken position. It also indicates that outside of our self-indulgent Western cartel of EU, government, insurance companies, pharma-lobbys, medical science, regular medicine and other medical occupational organizations and associations, new developments towards more holistic-medical concepts are on the rise. It is something to pay serious attention to.

Chapter 2: MESS
Multi-Etiological SumTotal Syndrome

The causes of disease can roughly be divided into three categories: genetics, lifestyle and environment. For our understanding only the latter two are relevant. Lifestyle has to be taken very broadly, from a conscious balanced mind, satisfaction on the workplace to a healthy diet. The environment plays a major role with regard to harmful influences like pollution, pesticides and electro-magnetic radiation. The point is that nowadays all these influences are coming together. They are parts of one big pool. I call this pool “Multi-Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome” or MESS. In the body everything of the MESS interacts with everything. There dont exist mono-causal processes. Nobody knows how intake of excessive protein, drinking coffee, the inability to sweat, smoking, taking the anti-conception pill, dehydration, toxic substances from the environment, stress in the relationship, negative thinking etc. TOGETHER work out on the body-minds health. To pick one part (symptom) out of it as the focus of “therapy” is certainly a medical error. Without insight into the Whole our efforts will be in vain. MESS therefore postulates the concepts of Primary and Secondary Complexes. The multi-causal pool provided it has its effect over a certain period of time is causing harm to primary (metabolic) functions, like the digestion, the blood-circulation, the immune system and the nervous system. These harmful effects chronic indigestion, auto-pollution from the bowel, acidification of the tissues, accumulation of toxins and waste products COMBINED subsequently manifest themselves in the Extra-Cellular Space or Matrix (Secondary Complex). It is proof of the fact that disease first reveals itself outside the cells. It affects the capillaries, the nutrients on their way to the cells, the nerve-endings together with neuro-transmitters, the circulation of hormones, the detox ability of the lymph-system, the repair function of the connective tissue and the overall impact this has in the body as a Whole, including the energy circulation of the meridians! Therefore, the function of the Matrix is crucial for health. This is supported by Western scientific research (A.Pischinger). Until recently it was unknown how the vitality of the Matrix could be restored. The answer is: Guasha. Before going into details I will first elaborate on a new understanding of health. I call it “Regeneration”.

Chapter 3: Regeneration East-West*
Basic philosophy

In this chapter I will show that “Regeneration” is the key concept of vitality, from the Cosmos to human beings to every living creature. It appears that “death and rebirth” rules all levels of the universe. This is called the primary Law of the Cosmos. Everything sick and old is broken down, while the healthy, fresh and young is constantly born. This takes place uninterruptedly and simultaneously. It has its beginning in the Origin. The Origin is a Cosmic Womb, an Absolute Void, what science calls the Vacuum. Two Cosmic Forces are originating from the Void: “Creation and Destruction”. These forces are equal, complementary and opposite. Together they create, maintain and dissolve the universe. Because they cancel each other out, their end-effect is zero. It is the cause of the fact that the universe is limited by narrow “constants”, reason that humanity is able to live in (relative) stability (“Web of Life”). To the West the idea that we humanity are PART of this Universal Law is new. Therefore it is a big surprise that “death and rebirth” is manifested in our bodies. We know that every tissue has a cycle. The intestinal mucosa for instance renews itself in 2-4 days. Within a period of 7 years our organism has totally renewed itself. But there is more: Prof. W.Zabel found out that 25% of all our cells are in a phase of dying, 25% in a stage of growing and 50% is relatively stable. Even more remarkable is that the dying cells secrete a substance that stimulates the birth and growth of young cells. Death as a pre-condition of life! Is the death process impaired, e.g. through administration of antibiotics, less renewing will take place. Other parallels can be drawn. The menstruation is a cyclic process of “death (of old tissue and blood) and “rebirth” (of fresh blood). Our breathing is another example. Every breathing-out (output of CO2) is “dying in its lowest point” (the pelvis), while the breathing-in (input of O2) represents “rebirth”. The deeper the breathing-out (death), the stronger the breathing-in (rebirth). These findings have tremendous impact for our Guasha practice. It proves that Guasha as Regeneration Therapy works in harmony with Cosmic Law. To emphasize this important point I will put it into the framework of (a renewed) Chinese classical philosophy.

*”Regeneration” in Chinese is usually translated as “Reborn”. To us Westeners this sounds rather “religious”. In my essay the emphasis lies on its medical meaning. In the sense of “repair”, restoration, renewal, revitalization.

I call Guasha the Universal Regeneration Therapy. Why? Because it works in line with the “Law of Birth and Death”. It promotes the breakdown of the old and sick and the birth of the new, young and healthy. It is the ultimate revitalization. Its secret is cooperation with the Cosmos. This can be exemplified by the Chinese concept of the universe. Every educated Chinese knows the Laozi and the concept of Taijitu of Zhou Dunyi. Looking closely to their principles it becomes clear that the Chinese, like their Western counterparts, do accept “death and rebirth” as the Regenerative Principle of the Cosmos of which we all are a part. We start with the “Supreme Yin” as the Origin of All. In the scriptures this is also called “Primordial Chaos”. In reality “she” is the Bottomless Womb, out of which both the Tao and the universe emerge. E.Chen has proven that the Origin in the Laozi is feminine. It is characterized by terms like Womb, Mother, Valley. Out of this Primordial Womb two Cosmic Forces are born: The Great Yin and the Great Yang as two sides of the same coin. This “same coin” is the Tao. In it Great Yang and Great Yin are cancelling each other out. The result is (supernatural) Transparency. Thats why Laozi says that the Tao has no name (no substance). Up to this point everything is still beyond the visible world. The “next step” is the Tao manifesting its inherent Nature (the unity of Yin and Yang) into the visible world. They are separate yet complementary entities. It is the realm of the world as we know it. Birth and death are part of the manifold opposites of daily life. Hence, “worldly” Yin and Yang (not to be mixed up with Great YinYang, see above) also manifesting the Law of the Cosmos. This is confirmed by the concept of the Five Elements. This principle consists of a creation and a destruction circle, both opposing, yet complementing each other. Like in the West the principle of Ongoing Regeneration from the highest to the lowest level is thus confirmed by Chinese philosophy.

New definition of health
Health is the Power of Regeneration
within the limits of a dynamic Universal Balance

Chapter 4: New Physics
Scientific support

The universe born out of the Vacuum is an accepted principle in modern physics. The surprise: it follows the Law of “Birth and Death!”. I emphasize three fundamental processes here. First of all: The Vacuum is giving ongoing “birth” to virtual particles e.g. waves, which return into the Vacuum (“death”) in the selfsame (eternal) moment. In a next stage they materialize again according the same principle - into matter and anti-matter (“Yin and Yang”). This is the foundation of “Birth and Death” on all other levels of the universe. Secondly: The universe consists of two opposite, yet complementary processes of expansion and contraction. This is a dynamic equilibrium. It means this balance is subjected to fluctuations. These are so minimal though that life could develop (“Web of Life”). In this Web (“Quantum World”) everything is interconnected. To continue the story: After the expansion (of the universe) has reached its limits (has exhausted itself) there is a turning-point in which energy (Chi) is turning into Dark Matter. Under the influence of Super-Gravity the Dark Matter is returning (death) to its Origin, the Vacuum. Here the Mystery of Mysteries takes place. Because in the Bottomless Abyss of the “Womb” matter will be once again turned (transformed) into energy (rebirth). It is the “engine” behind Cosmic Regeneration. Thirdly: The Black Holes in the myriad of galaxies are the “visible” manifestation of Cosmic Birth and Death. The underlying Vacuum draws matter into them. Because the power of the Vacuum is infinite, matter cannot resist but to dissolve into its Depth. At the same time through the “Law of Birth and Death” energy is spewed out of the Hole. It only seems logical that there is a dynamic balance between the two. It means that Black Holes are nothing but power engines for the ongoing Regeneration of the universe. How Guasha is related to this will be explained in chapter 7. First I turn to practical medicine, to Flow System Therapy, my medical system theory and practice.

Chapter 5: Flow System Therapy
Medical system theory and practice

This is the result of 45 years of my holistic medical expertise in the treatment of chronic disease. Already in my early years I understood that chronic disorder was (often) relating to basic metabolic functions: nutrition, digestion, blood-circulation, extracellular space, cell-metabolism, detoxification and elimination. Only later on I understood that they were part of a logical system: input, processing and output of nutrition, water, air, waste-products and toxins constituting a dynamic equilibrium. I had found the foundation of medical system theory and practice. So, increasingly, I abandoned treating chronic illness according to their symptomatology, focusing exclusively on the underlying metabolic balance, dividing “Input, Processing and Output” into 6 Stages. I started to examine, diagnose and treat nutrition (stage 1), digestion (stage 2), blood-circulation (stage 3), extra-cellular space (stage 4) including cell-metabolism, detoxification (stage 5) and elimination (stage 6). It appeared that these basic metabolic functions were frequently (almost always) out of balance: too much intake of food, the wrong food, an overburdened digestive system, an exhausted pancreas, chronic indigestion, capillaries with a thickened basic membrane, impairment of nutrients from the capillaries to the cells, cell-deficiencies, accumulation of waste-products in the extra-cellular space (and subsequently in the cells), insufficient elimination (constipation, dehydration, insufficient menstruation, dry skin with no sweating, retrograde self-poisoning, superficial breathing). Totally “neglecting” the specific “syndromes” like hypertension, diabetes, asthma or rheuma and after putting these findings in their logical framework (of Input, Processing and Output) I started to optimize these basic metabolic functions. I improved nutrition, digestion, blood-circulation, the extracellular space, cell-metabolism, detoxification and elimination. The result: just by optimizing basic metabolic functions all kinds of specific chronic disorders improved or disappeared entirely. I realized to have found the “holy Grail” of medicine. I called it Flow System Therapy®*.

*The “Flow System Book” is still available. It can be ordered through us.

Chapter 6: The Matrix
Ground Regulation: Structure & Function


Chapter 7: FST Guasha
Universal Regeneration Therapy


Chapter 8 Dynamic System Pathology
Additional Scientific Support for the GuashaTherapy

Chapter 9 Chronic Disease
A Case History


Chapter 10 The New Health Care
The three echelons of Self Care, Holistic Medicine and Technological Medicine


To be continued

Health Education for All

Drs. MeiMei Yu (MA) is Chinese Guasha teacher and therapist, who integrated East and West since 1997. She is pioneer in the Netherlands, aiming at spreading Guasha to the whole of Europe. She cooperates with her husband in developing an East-West scientific foundation for Guasha. In the future she will be taking the lead in our project “VitalWorld, Health Education for All”, everything to the benefit of all (wo)mankind.

Han Marie Stiekema (“Dr. Han”) has graduated from university as a M.Drs (physician) in 1972. He is a pioneer in Integral Medicine. Currently he is living a simple life in harmony with the Whole. People from all corners, professions and positions come to his humble “Hermitage” for holistic advice, support and guidance. Time and again dr. Han is surprising them with his in depth Wisdom. His aim is to develop a Western scientific model for Chinese Guasha.

Our “VitalWorld Health Education for All” has a great past. It was founded in the nineteens. A great deal was (is) published in the internet ( Through the introduction of Guasha our Educational Project received a new boost. We are convinced that it is fundamental to Health Care and medicine worldwide. Cooperation with China and prof. X. Zhang is vital to us. We aim at a joint effort in order to make “Health Education for All” areality.

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