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Extension of Self Care

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Street Health Teams

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Handbook Holistic Health "Flow System Therapy"

Project Normalization of Blood Pressure

Boosting your immune-system e.g. prevention of cold, flu, virus infections and SARS

Stress, Burn-out & Regeneration

RSI & pain treatment through Chinese Guasha

Excursion: Guasha Therapy Training

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Evolutionary Medicine
A Health Oriented Health Care

Today’s Concern

1. The health situation world-wide is rapidly deteriorating. Not only with regard to massive problems like hunger, poor hygiene, women diseases, infant mortality, (tropical) infectious diseases in the so-called „Third World" or „South", but the recent immune- deficiency related (chronic) disorders in the modern world - of which AIDS/SARS are only small parts - as well. It seems that 50 years of post-war health care wasn’t able to master the problems it was facing. Despite all clinical and technological efforts the rate of chronic disease is still on the rise e.g. allergies & chronic fatigue, stress & burn-out, vascular and heart disease, degeneration and cancer. In the Netherlands it is estimated, that in the year 2010 the statistics of chronic disease has risen up to 40% (compared to 1992). Taking the ageing of the population into account, this is still a worrying figure. Another indicator is the incidence of chronic disease among the very young. While 30 years ago diseases like migraine, asthma, diabetes, rheumatism, high blood pressure, cancer and many others were extremely rare among them, nowadays they are alarmingly common.

70% of your health lies in your own hands

A New Approach

2. Many of the disorders above, are usually classified under „civilization" related diseases, while recently joined by the so called "new risks", the technology-related disorders like allergy, food intolerance, EMF, ME, RSI, fibromyalgia and many others. Our complicated (stressful) society e.g. our lifestyle, prove to be the main epidemiological factor. Statistics from Japan used to show rather favourable health figures with regard to chronic disease, compared to other high industrial societies. The healthy food and the various ways of stress release, like the daily hot bath, in Japanese society are among the determinants. Nowadays the four determining factors influencing our health are nutrition (including the fertility of the soil) & lifestyle, stress & burn-out, iatrogenic effects (Western medicine) and environmental pollution (primary complex). In Europe this is common knowledge of the „natural" - preventive, „biological", ecological - systems of medicine.

3. More in particular these etiologic factors prove to be related to our basic metabolic functions: the „flow system". It is the dynamic balance between input, processing and output of nutrients, waste products and toxins. This flow can be distinguished in seven stages: the soil/nutrition, digestion, blood circulation, combustion, assimilation, detoxification and excretion/the soil. Chronic imbalance of these basic functions results in various disorders (secondary complex) like deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and trace-elements, chronic self-poisoning, food-intolerance, hypoglycemia, (multi-chemical) allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, fungi like candida, - with a wide variety of disorders in children, psychological problems like hyperactivity, aggression and depression - with as a consequence immune-deficiency and disorders, recently called "new risks" like severe allergies, ME, OPS, RSI, EMF and many others (tertiary complex) and vice versa. Eventually disorder and disease may further deteriorate into the (several) chronic and clinical stages of disease (quaternary complex).

A healthy lifestyle is within everybody's reach

Evolutionary Medicine

4. Long before this term became introduced the ideas around "civilization-related disease" were common. Especially in Germany in the twenties of last century the "Reform Movement" - still present today as health food chain - was very popular among many. Many books elaborated on "culture degeneration", while comparing the health situation of "modern people" with "natives" from other cultures. The conclusion: "people cannot cope with modern society". In order to re-balance a "Reform" was needed, re-introducing "basic health" consisting of living in harmony with nature. In practice, a healthy lifestyle consisted of simple organic food, outdoor movement and exercise, bowel- and body cleansing practices a.o. fasting therapy, herbal medicine, water treatments (Kneipp) and many others. In the Third Reich Natural Medicine was institutionalized as the major cornerstone of public health. After the war the Dept of Internal Medicine of the famous Charité Clinic in (East) Berlin was entirely based on Natural Medicine, as well. Prof. Dr. Paul Vogler treated all (serious) chronic diseases with natural methods, only. His Handbook "Physikalische Therapie" is a milestone, just as Dr. Hans Haferkamp's "Biologisch-Medizinisches Taschenbuch", published every year. Looking against this background the current "Evolutionary Medicine" initiative has an air of "trying to re-event the wheel". Its weakness: the criteria for optimal health derived from our ancestors (and even from earlier evolutionary stages) are highly hypothetical. On the other hand, who knows which surprises will be coming out of it. Therefore, no conclusions should be drawn prematurily. We are in the extremely lucky position of being able to take practice, rather than theory as a starting point.

Flow System Therapy

5. In the almost 40 years of my medical practice, I have found the common denominator of both chronic „civilization" related disease: the Flow System. Instead of concentrating on the effects or symptoms of clinical disease, the diagnosis and treatment of the causes: the basic functions of the soil/nutrition, digestion, blood circulation, combustion, assimilation, detoxification and elimination/the soil proves to be crucial. Every stage has its own examination, diagnosis and a group of integrated - biological, ecological - therapies. The surprise is, that by only optimizing the above mentioned basic functions - together with eliminating as much as possible all harmful influences from the environment - all kinds of chronic disorders often prove to be partly or even entirely disappearing, while at the same time well-being, optimal vitality, energy and a balanced immune-system are restored. Without focussing on disease whatsoever, flow system therapy offers every individual a simple, effective, cheap and comprehensible system of understanding health, improving basic metabolic functions, improving lifestyle in such a way, that illness can be prevented, „civilization" related (chronic) disorders and the "new risks" can be improved or cured, through natural means without side-effects.

Flow system therapy: the answer to the basic health
problems of society

6. The surprise: the Flow System is the foundation of Evolutionary Medicine. It is based on the most primordial process to be found in all stages of evolution. Health proves to be dependent on the most primitive metabolic level: the imput, processing and output of food, water, air, toxins and waste-products. Health is the result of a dynamic equilibrium between these three factors. One can observe this in bacteria, single-celled organisms, protozoa, amoeba, plankton, worms, moss, plants, insects, fishes, amphibia, reptiles, birds and mammals. All organisms absorb nutrients, process and excrete them. Only if this balance is optimal organisms thrive. It is an evolutionary fact, that the more basic a function is the more crucial it is for health. Stem cells have infinitely more potential compared to adult organ cells. For the therapy it means that - before doing anything else - the basic metabolic system has to be optimized first. First the foundation of a house has to be laid before the other floors can be erected. In the context of evolution: one starts with the most ancient evolutionary stage, while subsequently adding "later periods" to it. This principle is not a theoretical one, but has been proved in countless cases during four decades! As elaborated above the various stages of the Flow System are 1. Nutrition 2. Digestion 3. Blood Circulation 4. Cell-Metabolism (Assimilation and Combustion), 5. Detoxification and 6. Elimination. Through optimizing various stages the dynamic balance between them is restored. The miracle: without paying attention to the various "specific" disorders and symptopms, disease disappears.

Stone Age Therapy for Modern (Wo)Man
(Chinese Guashatherapy)

7. You probably have seen it in the countryside. A horse "scraping" its body against a tree or barn. Apparently, something disturbing "occupies his/her mind". It can be itching, pain, a horse fly, a trauma, a swelling, a furuncle or sunburn. In those cases the horse (sheep, goat, cow, pig, dog) intuitively knows the right way to get rid of it. It must have been very inspiring for early humans to see how animals cope with these kind of situations. So, pre-historic people took a stone and did the same. Apparently with success, because ever since "scraping therapy" is part of (wo)man's therapeutic arsenal. Scraping stones have been found, some ten's of thousands of years old. (Also used for cleaning skins). In classical times (Roman e.g.) scraping instruments, used as therapy tools, have been excavated. But it was in China that "scraping" was widespread. At a very early stage it became part of the Healing System of the Yellow Emperor. The latter considered to be the founder of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

8. Again, as with Flow System Therapy, Chinese Guasha connects directly with early stages of evolution. It is based on stimulating the immune system. In ancient times, people "lived adventurously". In daily life there were countless moments in which they were exposed to influences of all kinds: cold and heat, weather conditions, physical exhaustion, food shortages, all kinds of trauma's and diseases. Their "hygiene" wasn't like ours at all. The advantage: their body-mind received countless stimulants for the immune-system. This in contrast to "modern" times. Our "lifesyle" dominated by passivity, overconsumption, exposure to high frequent radiation, psychological stress and existential fear......only undermines the immune-system, rather than boosting it! Moreover, regular medicine is very poor at immune-stimulating therapies..So we are very proud and happy to have re-introduced to the West one of the oldest and most effective immune-boosting treatments, ever: Stone Age Therapy for Modern (Wo)Man"

Evolutionary Psychotherapy

9. In pre-historic times people (men) identified with animals. Usually those animals which they hunted. The idea was that in such a way the strength of the animal is transferred to you. Entire tribes did the same way. So you has bear tribes, deer tribes, bird tribes and fish tribes. Shamanes used animal power in healing. To some this might be "just interesting". In that case you will be surprised to hear that there is "more to it". Humankind in a way includes all previous stages of evolution. In our embryonic development these stages are still (more or less) traceable. Although not strictly proven, scientifically, mythologically this is certainly true. It means "archetypes" of "previous stages" of evolution keep our "memory" alive. Deep within us their energies are still available.... It that what ancient people felt? Many thousands of years have passed, and their wisdom still proves to be valid. And no other time before us was in such a great need of reviving it. Because through our ego and mind identifications we completely lost contact with these our archaic energies. It means that our existence is shallow beyond measure. To boost our vitality conscious identification, "role play", therapy and celebrations could contribute a great deal to our mental health.

10. To give you some idea aboiut this could look like, I'll give you the following Evolutionary Stage Exercise. First, the origin of nature and yourself are visualized. Then, start relaxing and grounding. While watching and feeling your body, you imagine it to be a fish. You imagine your body changing into that of a fish. Lying on your front with both your arms along your body, you start making movements like a fish. You feel your gills swallowing water. Y our skin feels the water, your body temperature has lowered and it is very dark around you. Do it for at least five minutes. Then relax, watch and feel.
Next your body starts changing to that of an amphibian. Little arms and legs grow out of your body. You enjoy both being in the water and crawling on the land. You breathe air. After feeling this for at least five minutes, relax, watch and feel.
Your next step is to become a reptile. Any reptile you like. For example a dinosaur, a crocodile, a snake or an imaginary one like a dragon. Feel your body changing to that of a reptile. Enjoy being a reptile. Move, bite, eat, -fight, kill, make love and sleep like a reptile. Let your body express it totally. Then relax, watch and feel. In the same way you transform yourself into the next stages of evolution. Become a bird, a primitive mammal, a pig and a anthropoid, an urang utang or a chimpansee for example. After you finished the exercise you relax, watch and feel. Many valuable intuitions might come up.

Back to the Origin
(Evolutionary Spirituality)

11. Key to the understanding of "Evolutionary Medicine" is the idea that you have to go back to the Origin in order to get renewed, regenerated. Because all Power is in the Origin. Life on the other hand is subjected to entropy, e.g. moving from birth, growth, adult life to decay (sickness) and death. In Evolution primitive organisms are superior with regard to inherent vitality. This proves to be also true with regard to the spiritual realm. The latter appears to be a scene of tension between the ego and the Self, the Divine, Great Consciousness. The drama of Western society is the alienation of the ego from its Source. Being "thrown upon itself" he is powerless with regard to its own impulses. Taken in tow by every thought, emotion and desire that bubbles up in his mind. Lacking true fulfillment through Being he has taken his refuge in having: greed, money, wealth, power, status, influence. Not surprisingly, though, that the ego is the main pillar of our self-addicted society. Over time it created accumulations on the one hand and deprivation on the other. The tensions between the two have reached its boiling point. Individual anguish like ever growing problems, wories, fears, stress, depression, burn-out and disease are getting out of control. Mankind feels increasingly helpless solving problems itself created. Against this background the ego starts "remembering its Origin". You may call it "Evolutionary Longing". Evolutionary Spirituality thus isn't a flight ahead, a matter of "development" and "future", but is exactly the opposite: the longing for returning to our True Home in order to become renewed. Why its reluctance? Because our Origin proves to be Absolute Nothingness. Coming closer creates fear. Recently, a true Revolution happened, though: Nothingness revealed itself as a Cosmic Womb, in ancient times called "Cosmic Mother". She facilitates our way home. Hence, my spiritual effort is to teach you about the Mother and how She "vowed to save the earth". Through Cosmic Mother Healing your True Self is born, after you may become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again.

The Seven Steps

12. Summarizing: Our health program is based on the Seven Steps. It is the most promising approach to totally transform the current "health care" system ever undertaken. Its foundation is the Personal Health Plan, a free Self Help program, aiming at optimizing your health in just six weeks. This program is based on the "flow system". This means, that the dynamic equilibrium between "input, processing and output" is optimized to such an extent, that your personal top level of well-being will be restored. As a result all kinds of developing or existing disorders will be "automatically" corrected e.g. cured. Cure as the result of optimizing your health! We therefore don't exaggerate, when we say that the Personal Health Plan is the best (basic) "health insurance" you will ever have. Which may be especially valuable to those, who do not enjoy proper health care. Ironically, this may not be wealth-related. Both rich and poor people (and everybody in between) have to rely on the symptomatic approach of regular medicine. The Personal Health Plan on the other hand is a breakthrough, offering you a true health-oriented health care. It is the beginning of a turning point, in which local initiatives will join in order to bring about structural changes in health care worldwide. In order to achieve this we have designed a step by step program, consisting of 1. Personal Health Plan 2. Extension of Self Care 3. Street Health Teams 4. Training of Basic Health Consultants 5. Career Perspectives 6. A New Health Care and 7. VitalThirdWorld. Because everybody's health is at stake we invite as many people as possible to join our effort.     


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