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A New (World) Health Care (WHC)

The 3 Echelons of Self Care,
Holistic Medicine & Technological Medicine

By Han M.Stiekema, M.D.

1. Criteria of a healthy Health Care. The „seven" criteria: effectively optimizing health, cure of many disorders, a health care close to the people, largely natural without any harmful side-effects, a joy for everybody who works in it and at such low costs, that everybody, including the poorest,
can optimally benefit from it. WHC is part of


2. Nowadays alternative, complementary and holistic ways of medicine are booming. The number of consultations in the Netherlands alone runs into millions a year. At the time of writing 37% of all Americans prefer to take herbal remedies rather than allopathic prescription drugs. The courses - e.g. offered in natural medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture - are numerous, for doctors, therapists and lay people alike. Many magazines are publishing articles about a healthy lifestyle, phytotherapeutics, wholesome cooking and self-treatment of simple disorders, in almost all their editions continuously. Even universities are doing research in the effectiveness of alternative techniques and methods. Most insurance companies offer a limited number of alternative methods in their package. Health food stores and drugstores, selling wholesome food and natural remedies are doing good business.

Spiral of Degeneration
From bad to worse

3. Humanity is in a deep crisis. Therefore, allow me to go straight to the point. Everyday practice shows a rather gloomy picture about the functioning of Western health care. Increasingly, only those diseases that promise a (huge) profit are part of the diagnostic schemes. Disorders that cannot be “treated” by technological “solutions” simply dont exist. Scientific research too is only for those illnesses that promise future profits. They have to be suitable for pharmaceutical, surgical and radiation therapy. It is thus not so that health care exist for the benefit of the people, but the people exist for the benefit of the profit making health care. One direct consequence is that early stages of disease are not part of the equation. In fact the more chronic a disease the more profit is made. A terminal health care creating terminal patients. A second consequence is that our “health care” is not interested in real cure. By suppressing symptoms the causes and the pathological processes that are underlying them are in no way included in the therapy. So, while being “treated” the chronicity of the disease is getting worse. While the patient thinks “he is getting better” the opposite is the case. This is not a reason for concern to the medical establishment. On the contrary, its existence depends on a constant “supply” of chronically ill people. The more serious the disease the higher the output of pharmaceutical, surgical and radiation diagnostics and therapies and with it their annual profits. Under the surface of a highly impressive technological medicine the degeneration of humanity precisely BECAUSE of this modern medicine - is worsening with rapid strides. The key problem is that the ruling elites dont care. Arent their interests linked to the increase of disease? Obviously, a symptomatic approach to the corrupted health care wont solve the problem. Only a therapy that goes to the roots can turn the tide.

4. However, despite this development, "alternative medicine" still doesn't have any impact on the structure of health care. Public health is still dominated by regular medicine. The choices of the people are still made on an individual basis only. It does not reflect the real situation, anymore. Very soon a major structural adjustment has to be made. Isnt it e.g. an increasingly disturbing fact, that people, who are truly seeking health, are still forced to pay their monthly premiums for a system, they dont want anymore? Those people have to add their monthly costs for a healthy lifestyle and of their consultations to alternative practitioners to it. Which is a punishment, rather than an encouragement. Regular medicine after all, doesnt promote health, but waits until the disease has become chronic, in such a way, that the patient fits in its pre-fixed diagnostic schemes. These "terminal" schemes being nothing more than the entrances to pharmacological, surgical and radiological treating of symptoms. The definition of health by the WHO, as „the well-being physically, spiritually and socially", therefore does not relate to reality. In practice, “wellbeing” has been (purposely) degraded to health as the absence of symptoms.

5. The problem is „simple" and can be drawn back to one single cause. It is because of the fact, that about 150 years ago - the beginning of technological, cellular medicine, a very young branch indeed medicine shifted to treating symptoms, rather than promoting health. And this is how it still is. The so-called „health care", is not a care for health, but a system of treating, read suppressing of symptoms. It is one of the main medical errors of today. A system based on suppressing symptoms is benefitting from disease, rather than promoting true wellbeing of the people.

6. What is desperately needed is a health, rather than a disease-oriented medicine.
It is said that the former director of the WHO, Robert Muller, considered the various ways of traditional medicine in the world to be able to prevent, improve and cure around 60-70% of all „civilization" related diseases. This is confirmed by the experience of countless doctors and researchers in many countries. Dr. Bernard Levin, specialist of M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, U.S.A. - saying that 65-85% of all cancers may be prevented by lifestyle changes - is just one of them. Like in my 44 years of practice, most of these doctors are taking health as the starting point. With health as the central issue, everything changes at the spot. The body-mind appears to be a self-managing system, aimed at survival. A simple example: the self-healing of a wound. We are an integrated Whole, in which everything is interconnected. Crucial for its survival is optimal vitality and the integration in the natural, social and cultural context. Symptoms are (very) often not an expression of „abnormality", but rather the visible part of the strategic natural healing power of the body. Instead of isolating them, the solution to almost all problems is found by putting them in their meaningful context.

We need an integrated health care

7. Based on the principles and practice of the Flow System, a totally new and powerful vision of a New Health Care has been developed. It consists of three concentric layers or echelons. The inner circle belongs to Self Care. It is the foundation. Since health can only be achieved by a healthy lifestyle - which no doctor can do for you - and moreover 60% of all disorders can be prevented, improved or cured by it, Self Care should be the basis of the New Health Care. It includes everything an individual can do to optimize his/her own health. Together with other approaches - think of Chinese barefoot doctors techniques, practical body-mind therapy etc. - the Flow System may serve as a context, a reference and practical guide. Self Care should be part of everybodys experience. It can be taught to children at a very early age. In the community it can become the model for self-reliance and mutual help. It includes all health strategies, which can be executed at the most basic level, like health promotion, education, prevention and therapy. Our model has both been tested in developed, as well as in developing countries, among the rich, as well as the very poor (1998 Brazil). In both cases it was received with enthusiasm. We have therefore decided to start the training of Basic Health Consultants, members of the community, who after a short training in the Flow System, will be able to initiate, develop and optimize Self Care as the foundation of the New Health Care worldwide.

We are aware of and appreciate the benefits of regular medicine in areas
where it is really needed
. See text below.

8. If Self Care proves not to be sufficient, if problems appear to be too complicated, difficult or dangerous, then a patient „will be sent" to the second concentric layer, that of Holistic Medicine. The term "alternative medicine" should better be skipped, for Holistic Medicine has a tradition of its own - in fact used to be the mainstream of medicine - for 2000 years in which it successfully treated those diseases which nowadays are causing most of the trouble. It includes all methods and techniques, which are promoting the natural healing power. It seems only too logical, that whenever the self-healing power of the patient - his own immune-system - is still intact and can become activated, that this should be the next system of choice. The second echelon (then) is exclusively executed by professionals, those who up till now work as „alternative, complementary and holistic" doctors, practitioners, therapists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and psychologists. They may use an „extended" Flow System Therapy, added by all biological methods available, as there are natural (biological) medicine, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, orthomolecular, phytotherapy, chiropraxy, neural therapy, physiotherapy, simple psychotherapy etc.

9. In most cases, improvement of health, cure and an optimal vitality will be achieved. This echelon - Holistic Medicine - may include 30-40% of the total services of the New Health Care. If however, this appears not to be sufficient, the Technological (Regular) Medicine serves as a last resort. As a complementary (...) and emergency - „terminal" - approach, it has all possibilities at its disposal to repair or compensate (excessive) damage, make life bearable for those in great pain, to treat rare or difficult chronic diseases, rehabilitate, to give pharmacological, technological and surgical solutions where others fail, and save a patients life. Something in which Technological Medicine is specialized and which cannot be done by others. In our New Health Care, where most of the work is done in the first two echelons, its volume (of Regular Medicine) occupying the last 20-30% of the total health care package. Re-arranging health care in this way, the benefits will become visible very soon. All the things necessary for putting it into action are available right now. So lets face the challenge!

This integrated approach is corresponding with the five principles of the Charter for Health Promotion of the WHO, as adopted in Ottawa in 1986:”To build a healthy public policy, to create supportive environments, to develop personal skills, to strengthen community action and to re-orient health services.

10. We go one step further. Because “alternative” medicine is the cure of choice of millions of people, the PEOPLE have a right that Self Care, Holistic and Technological Medicine gain equal importance. It cannot be that the whole of medicine is dominated by technological medicine alone. Medicine is an inclusive discipline with emphasis on self-awareness, self-experience, tradition, natural medicine, integral approach, the priority of healing and science. I dare to say that Self Care is the most important of the three. Every citizen has his/her own responsibility with regard to health. It can be illustrated by the principle of subsidiarity. This principle not only applies to the structure of society (see my book “Origin” 3, Community Democracy ch. 44) but also to ones health. “What you can do for yourself, you should do”. However, most people are still rather ignorant about it. It is the lack of education that created an enormous gap. It implies that not only Self Help and its organizations (which are many) should be heavily subsidized by the State, but also health education, to start with basic school up to high school, the media, private organizations and the universities. What we see today (in the EU) that “alternative” therapists should have a grade in “basic (regular) medicine”. This is a reasonable demand. Equally reasonable is because millions of people ask for it that general practitioners (g.p.s) (in Dutch “huisartsen”) compulsory conclude a basic holistic medicine training*. Nowadays many g.p.s are fed up with being “prescription boys/girls” of regular drugs. They have their hands tied in the red tape of regulations imposed upon them, though. Many would quit the system if they got the chance. The solution is to express solidarity with the people and their demands. With regard to their training the faculty of “Health Sciences” (University of Maastricht, NL) could i.e. develop a curriculum for them. Additional help could be offered by German institutions (Erfahrungsheilkunde, Paracelsus Schulen). In Holland the AIM has started a curriculum too. Just like the regulars, holistic medicine should create its own system of recognition, a system of quality control of the approved physicians and therapists. The rightful place of Biological/Holistic/Integral medicine also implies an equal share in scientific research, subsidies and sponsoring. Time and again one hears “regulars” say “is there any scientific proof?” This is totally hypocritical where regular research is flooded with money, while the “alternatives” have to “bite on a piece of wood” (Dutch saying). Last but not least we offer our expertise to health organizations, the WHO, the UN, the various governments, insurance companies, (alternative) health businesses, NGOs, citizens initiatives, think tanks and others.

*This should include i.e. Pischingers “Ground System”, Capillary Pathology, Regulation Therapy, Flow System Therapy, the Holistic-Dynamic Pathology (“Homotoxicology acc. to H.H.Reckeweg) while the minimum demands for practice-oriented skills should include nutrition, inner body cleansing (detox) and immune-therapy (i.e. Chinese Guasha). An overview of the latter is provided by our Personal Health Plan (PHP) in 10 steps. Go back to the index page of this website.

Multi-Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome

11. It is here that a gross fallacy is made. Firstly, diseases are (almost) never mono-causal, but multi-causal. Example THE cause of ME, migraine, heart attack or cancer doesn't exist. There are always several factors interacting: COLLECTIVELY, SIMULTANEOUSLY, UNINTERRUPTEDLY and OVER A LONGER PERIOD OF TIME. The second point is that we already know those causal factors everyone more or less is exposed to. These include: Industrial agriculture and ditto food, junk food and eating habits, drinking too little, lack of exercise, our toxic environment, the amalgam syndrome, iatrogenic factors (adverse drug reactions), electro-magnetic pollution (EMF)(Computer, smart phone, wifi), the digital addiction and last but not least the stress, the pressure, the overkill of impressions and "information", the hazards of the workplace, the insecurities, the angst, meaninglessness and loneliness, to name but a few.

12. These disease causing factors affect EVERYONE continuously and simultaneously. It is a multiple etiology - a "causal swamp" - from which no one can escape. Everyone is day and night exposed; the etiological complex has an undisputed continuous effect on body and mind. E.g. everyone has an intake of at least tens of thousands different chemical substances each day, (of which not yet 1% has been studied on harmfulness. P.S. While herbs are scrutinized!), everyone lives in a permanent electro-soup of the most different types of radiation. "Everyone has stress", most have amalgam in the mouth and takes drugs regularly. That same majority also lives unhealthy with poor diet, drinking too little, an excess of stimulants and lack of exercise. This "Sumtotal" of etiological factors acting in the human body through e.g. accumulation, interaction, synergy, antagonism and facilitation. The degree of effectiveness and thus harm, depends on 1. the vulnerability of the person concerned (unborn, babies, children and the elderly), 2. the kind of harmful influence (electro-smog, toxins), 3. the individual biography (the effect is primarily related to someone's "weak spots"), 4. the synergistic effect of the various influences are often the result of the COMBINED effect of antibiotics, pesticides and additives in the diet, smoking, the 70.000! different chemicals in our house, electro-smog of wireless networks, the CO and benzene from our car, mercury poisoning from amalgam etc.etc., TOGETHER, enough reason to distrust all so-called "safe" maximum dosages and toxicity limits of single substances. They are - intentionally or not - eyewash. The figures are indeed devastating: despite all "protective measures" our health deteriorates by the day.

*MESS is extensively discussed during MeiMeis courses and trainings.

One example out of thousands
So-called Mild Cognitive Impairment

13. It concerns a condition where cognitive functions memory, concentration are declining without being a dementia (yet). Reports say that 15% of the population suffers from this. It starts with putting a label on you. In this case “MCI”. This diagnosis is purely made on the basis of your symptoms. It is a description rather than a diagnosis. Actually it is some kind of “password” to a certain predetermined series of steps. First the neurological (brain) function is examined, mostly with the help of an MRI. Second daily activities are screened like doing homework, bookkeeping, contact with others. Other somatic and psychiatric disorders are excluded. Possible side-effects of medication are screened as well This is completed by laboratory tests, for instance Hb, BSE, vitamins, liver and kidney function. The treatment consists of psychological support and simple physical activities. The course of the disease has to be monitored. The patient, the family and the doctor should have good cooperation. This is it. It is typically a regular, reductionist approach, whereby the patient is reduced to a couple of physical and psychological tests. From the standpoint of MESS this is a wretched performance. From its holistic insight that everything is connected to everything, examination of the patient includes an extensive anamnesis, to start with parents, pregnancy, birth and later life, whereby every detail is equally relevant. This is followed by an equally detailed anamnesis of basic metabolic functions (in our case “Flow System Therapy”: nutrition, digestion, blood transportation, cell-function, detoxification and elimination). An overview of the patients lifestyle is vital. Physical examination includes full body overview with emphasis on humoral pathology, for instance connective tissue, capillaries. face, eyes, tongue, nails and abdomen. A psychological screening (stress, depression, burn-out, addictions, emotional balance, loneliness, relationships, workplace) has equal importance. Last but not least environmental assessment is made like toxic exposure and electro-magnetic radiation (exposure to computer, smart-phone, dect-telephones and wifi, telephone masts nearby). It is absolutely reprehensible that these last factors are (deliberately) omitted from regular diagnose schemes, especially in cases like this where brain function is involved. The outcome of the holistic approach is clear. Therapeutic perspective exceeds the regular approach by far. That doesnt mean we reject an MRI or laboratory tests, for instance. It is just a matter of sequence. We start with the whole person, while later focusing on the specifics, instead of the other way round. The results are accordingly. An estimated 30-60% of all chronic disorders can be improved/cured by Holistic/Integral Medicine. That in case of doubt we send the patient to Technological Medicine goes without saying.

In order to be able to cope with current challenges
all sectors of health care have to cooperate

14. Current health care is a good example of a deteriorated Flow System. Instead of our input - the insurance premium - to be an investment in our own health (input), it is rather a subsidy for the existing medical system (accumulation). The irony now is, that the more we pay, the sicker we become. The premiums go up all the time, while no real cure is achieved. Hence, without re-considering the money flow we wont be able to bring about the necessary change. Lets first have a closer look at the health benefits of the existing system. You go to your doctor with some minor complaints, headache etc. After short examination he/she gives you a painkiller. Health benefit? Zero. Or you visit him/her with e.g. a common inflammatory disease: bronchitis. He/she gives you antibiotics. Health benefit? Zero. Or you visit him/her with e.g. the symptoms of a chronic disorder: hypertension. He/she will give you medication, usually an anti-hypertensive drug. Health benefit? Zero. In none of these cases your health has been improved, in no way whatsoever. Since the treatment of common complaints, inflammatory and chronic disorders constitute the largest bulk of medical services, the overall health benefit of the existing health care system is..... (almost) zero.

15. This - shocking - evidence has led to the following conclusion. Since lets say 40% of the health care (realistically) lies in our own hands, so the corresponding amount of money. Of every euro or dollar we spend, 30-40 cents should go to Self Care. Thirty cents go to the Holistic Medicine, while the remaining 30 cents will be spent for emergencies. The first 30-40% will go to the local democratically chosen Self Care district council. The premiums we pay for the Holistic Medicine - the 30% - will be put on our own bank-account though. It will be our own investment in health. As long as we we cannot withdraw this money - it has to support us in times, in which we could possibly need it - but the interest will be ours. Hence, the healthier we live, the more financial benefits, a rare example of healthy accumulation (...). Through this, it will be possible to finance the Holistic Medicine ourselves. If there are high personal health related costs, exceeding the normal costs of living, we will be entitled to withdraw this money.

16. The role of the future insurance company, an organization which is run by the people and exclusively working in their interest, will merely a facilitating one, receiving itself only the costs of their services and administration. Having Self Care and the Holistic Medicine as „buffers" - sifting 70% of all the cases out - the money spent for regular treatment, will diminish in a dramatic way. While nowadays our entire money is spent for „terminal" care, only an overall of 20-30% will be left. In individual cases though, the financial consequences of an accident, a terminal disease or rehabilitation can be still quite high. However, because they have become much more rare, the above mentioned 30% of our total spending for Technological Medicine, is realistic, provided people are committed to Self Care and Holistic Medicine*. Large scale education has to fill in the gap here. The premium, necessary for covering these last-mentioned risks are thought to become part of the existing accident insurances. If desirable, a part of the old age insurance could be used as well, since most of the emergencies are related to it. Most elderly are sick during their last ten years.

* Which in particular is crucial in an "ageing society". Only the combined efforts of Self Care and Holistic Health can take care of optimal health e.g. regeneration, something Technological Medicine is not able to achieve.

Education, education, education...

17. In order to establish the New Health Care, emphasis has to be laid on health education. Its foundation should be Self Care. With the help of the Flow System and medical system theory, educational systems on all levels of learning - from primary schools to universities - could be easily introduced. At the same time, adult education should start without delay. Cooperation with existing initiatives is of course recommendable. Moreover, international organizations, governments and local governments could benefit a great deal from our expertise. Our approach not only provides a surplus value to the existing health care system, but could also become a powerful factor in innovating it altogether, as todays national and international health policies increasingly require. Through the New Health Care public health services will become more effectively organized with considerable reduction of the costs. Both poor and rich countries may greatly benefit from it. Unlike the commercial, cost-consuming, self-serving, profit-making "disease industry" of today, which increasingly is losing itself in (irrelevant) details, our approach is inclusive, direct, reliable, transparent and (highly) effective.

WHC Manifesto
New (World) Health Care

To begin with Europe

6.40.48 Enough is enough.
Health Care increasingly fails to really cure people, at the same time
crushing all truly “alternative”, biological, natural, integral, complementary
forms of medicine.

Considering that these alternative sytems of medicine attract millions
of clients/patients every year,

That without the “alternative medicine” society already would collapse under
the burden of millions of incurable chronic patients,

The fact that “regular” medicine fails to really promote health, causing
unnecessary suffering for innumerable people, the young, the adults
and the elderly,

That our “Health Care” is a “disease industry” rather than committing itself
to the quality of life of the people

All these factors together leading to a sick society in which optimism, vitality,
happiness, creativity are increasingly disappearing

This negative spiral of ongoing degeneration, not not speak of all the stress,
fatigue, depression and burn-out.....

.....this downward development cannot be tolerated anymore. We therefore
decided to initiate a radical reform of our Health Care system,
to start with Europe.

We want the people decide about their own Health Care organization.
To make this possible we introduce a world wide initiative:
World Health Care Manifesto

Soon we start collecting signatures of people in all European countries
aiming at supporting a New Health Care as described in this book
(Handbook Flow System Therapy, my website:

Its aim is to hold nation wide referendums in all European countries to
implement the three echelons of Self Help, Holistic Medicine and
Technological Medicine as equal pillars of the New Health Care.

This is part of a wider Action Initiative in which the New Health Care will
be introduced to neighbourhoods, schools, all kinds of organizations, health
centres, environmental groups, health businesses, universities,
political parties and the (international) media.

We also demand that general practitioners (g.p.s) conclude a basic holistic
medicine training together with regular follow-ups. Moreover, Holistic
Medicine should be taught at universities as a permanent program
to all medical students.

Confident about the enormous potential of this new Health Initiative we
passionately commit ourselves to the wellbeing of all people.
Our aim is nothing less than a healthy mind in a healthy body
in a healthy health care in a healthy society in a healthy world.

Mobilize your family, your friends, your colleagues, health centre,
your school, club, street, your office, your workplace, social media,
local newspaper, radio, TV...

Millions stand up taking back their health. Commit yourself.
Join the Movement!

19. There has to be a snag somewhere. In the USA CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine was introduced supported by renowned universities (Harvard, Duke, Mayo). It aims at “integrating” regular and non-regular systems of prevention, cure and rehabilitation. At first sight this sounds good. In particular the “equal” status and the possibility of scientific research for alternative medicine. The problem is that Natural Medicine, for instance, has to submit itself to “evidence-based” science. This means that the current science based on quantitative research will become the standard. It also means that automatically the regular vision on health and disease will prevail: health as the absence of symptoms. To “Integrative Medicine” – the new name for CAM this will be the norm. Patients will be diagnosed according to regular standards. Just like it is today. And thats the rub. The background of this all is that Regular medicine is in decline. It fears to lose its dominant position. In order to survive it cunningly tries to incorporate Alternative Medicine. In order to hide its true intentions it butters us up with “equal status”, “scientific” and “integration”. In reality we become its appendix, losing our inherent uniqueness. The point is that a multi-dimensional system (Holistic Medicine) can never be a part of the one-dimensional, reductionist approach of the current system. True Integral Medicine like I have defined below, based on centuries of Integral, Natural, Biological, Holistic Medicine has a fundamentally different view on human life (and that of other creatures). It puts into the centre the Wholeness of Existence of which humans are a part. “Integral” means a Unity that is more than the sum of its parts. Integral Medicine therefore is NOT a pile of random alternative therapies, selected according to regular standards and criteria (“evidence based”). The latter creates a medicine where “integrative” medicine nicely decorates regular diagnosis and treatments with some “complementary” natural remedies. Only those remedies that are approved by big pharma” of course! Knowing that standard research cannot “measure” individual variables, therefore creating iatrogenic damage in countless cases, considering that 85% of all medical research is superfluous, not to mention the manipulation of results in favour of future profits, the current “Gleichschaltung” is totally unacceptable. This is proven by a simple example from daily practice: a cold. The main symptom is a catarrh from the nose. To regular medicine this is considered a “disorder” which has to be “cured”. It will prescribe a nose catarrh suppressing drug. To Holistic Medicine this is a blatant medical error though. In almost all cases a cold is an attempt of the bodys own self-healing effort to get rid of accumulated metabolic waste-products an/or toxins. (“emergency valve”). The LAST thing one should do is to suppress it. Moreover, the strength of Natural Medicine is its individual approach. Every human being proves to have an specific combination of etiological factors, in spite of some main similarities (See MESS). It is the reason why people go to an alternative healer. The dynamic humoral, energetic, evolutionary, holistic pathology of Holistic Medicine opposes Regular Medicine diametrically. Therefore all attempts to make Integral Medicine an appendix of Technological Medicine have to be strongly resisted. “Integration” as a first step to control it! We have taken the lead by emphasizing: 1. The bottom-up structure of our New Health Care 2. With Self-Care as its foundation (first echelon) 3. The principle of subsidiarity in which the echelons are “organically” connecting to each other 4. Each echelon is free to develop its OWN unique principles and practical, “evidence-based” approach 5. Self Care referring to the second echelon (Holistic Medicine) for those therapies that support the self-healing power (immunological response) 6. And only when the latter fails one takes the last resort in Technological Medicine 7. True equality of Holistic Scientific research with equal opportunities for finance, promotion, publications etc. has to be introduced. With regard to the cosmic, spiritual, psychological, cultural, social, ethical and ecological aspects of Integral Medicine, my BOOK “Origin” (including Book 1,2 & 3, see my website) gives an unparalleled introduction to it.



In these most critical of times
A new start has to be made

To begin with


Based on the 3 echelons of
Self Care, Holistic Medicine & Technological

Initiator: “Dr. Han”
(M.D. Integral Medicine since 1972 from Holland. Also called
“New Wisdom Teacher”)

Read our WHC Manifesto
Start my free Self Care program: “Personal Health Plan”
in 10 Steps

Both available in my website

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20. But there is even more at stake. First some figures. While in the West chronic diseases stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, kidney diseases and many others are on the rise in a system dominated by regular medicine many millions of people choose Holistic Medicine for relief of their ailments. In Germany this has led to the admission of 50.000 medics (yes M.D.s) practicing acupuncture, 14.000 physicians for natural medicine and 5.500 doctors for homeopathy. Not to speak of numerous “lay” organizations that in some form or another promote Self Care, varying from foot reflex, kinesiology, herbal medicine, nutrition, health coaching, reiki, simple psychotherapy to yoga, qigong, massage and countless “wellness” practices. The point is that regular medicine and science try to suggest that these practices, whose very existence proves their value, manifested through the benefits these approaches have, are ALL under suspicion of being quackery or charlatanism. Official reason: “they are not scientific”. Dear friends, this is not a simple academic discussion. First of all to declare methods that for many centuries have proven their relevance - VERY often being superior to the cure rate of current “cure”- as inferior, yes, even harmful, is despicable. As if current science is God. This is simply a war between interests. In fact current science is only a certain KIND of science based on reductionist, quantitative thinking. It is a great method to prove the effectiveness of prescription drugs, because they “work” regardless of the person and his/her unique underlying biography. To them the hypertension of patient A is equal to the hypertension of patient B. To Holistic Medicine this approach has only limited value. Contrary to Holistic Health official health care waits until disease has become so chronic that it fits into the schemes of pharma, surgical and radiation “solutions”. A terminal medicine creating terminal patients. Rather than to put the entire “alternative sector” under suspicion of not being “scientific”, regular science has to prove that a certain alternative method, herb or supplement is harmful to health, rather than forcing us to prove that all our therapies are “scientific”. Let them prove that our therapies are harmful! To have a long experience with certain therapies has its own irreplaceable value. In Germany this is called “Erfahrungsheilkunde”. If the “integrative colleagues” are REALLY sincere, then they should promote, support and finance an independent Holistic Science.

In ancient China the doctor was paid as long the patients stayed healthy

From the “Biologisch-Medizinisches Taschenbuch“ 1937


Towards a New German Medicine
Biological pathology Prevention of disease Therapy
Biological Principles/Biological Diagnostics
Nutrition and Metabolism
Exercise, massage, breathing therapy
Water, hyperemia and light therapy
Detoxification, immune-stimulation and regeneration
Herbs, homeopathy, supplements, ozone and other remedies
A healthy lifestyle, the doctor as educator
Specific therapies for all kinds of chronic disorders

In fact (almost) the entire Internal Medicine as we know it was taken care of by Biological Medicine.
P.S. Attentive readers see the date of 1937. It has not in any way played a role why I used this overview as example.

In the postwar era Prof. Dr. Paul Vogler (Charité Berlin) brought the “Biological Medicine” to perfection. In his (university) Internal Clinic he treated all major groups of disorders with natural methods, only. Indeed, a major achievement. The latest development is MeiMei's (M.A.) intention to start her PhD about the relevance of A New Health Care, with the aim to introduce our Vision to academic circles.

21. A very disturbing dimension of this war is the fact that regular medicine and science are monopolizing health. This touches our deepest insight about human nature. To us (in the West) self-insight is maybe THE ultimate value (Oracle of Delphi: “Know Thyself”). Part of it is insight in ones own wellbeing. Health and disease are an inalienable part of human integrity. Its OUR life. It contributes to self-esteem, responsibility, self-management, depth of existence, an inclusive attitude to suffering, and ones commitment to the wellbeing of the community. Obviously, we are still on a far distance of this ideal. One of the main factors is that Regular medicine has taken health out of the hands of the people. This has made people ignorant, insecure, inexperienced, vulnerable, confused and dependent. People are deprived of their innermost regenerative power in exchange for an ersatz (surrogate) “cure”. We now come to the core. What makes us human is our inherent Wholeness. We consist of three interconnected, self-organizing levels of existence. 1. First there is vitality. This is equal to the “instinct to self-preservation” (German “Selbsterhaltungstrieb”). This is reflected by our immune system. A simple wound healing explains it all. In case of a lesion a meaningful (intelligent) process comes into being. A logical sequence of redness, swelling, exudate, phagocytosis and histamine perform a miracle, spontaneously healing the lesion without any medical interference. Another example of vital self-regeneration is the fact that 25% of all body cells are in a stage of dying, 50% in a stage of preservation and 25% in a stage of renewal. It is the regeneration aspect of vitality. Again everything based on an inherent “logic”. Moreover, every organ system renews itself according to a certain (superimposed) “plan”. Liver, bone, blood, brain and kidney cells all have their own nature-induced cycles. Again these cycles maintain our health and survival, due to us being embedded in the Whole. 2. The second self-organizing level is that of our ego-identity. Ego makes our psycho-social functioning possible. It steers personal aims, self-fulfillment and social interaction. Ego has a double face though. As an artificial construction, an isolated entity, it is the root cause of all suffering. The troubling fact nowadays: because of lacking a meaningful context ego got fully out of hand. This already indicates that there is still another crucial, integrating dimension. 3. Indeed, this is the level of Awareness, Great Consciousness or Cosmic Intelligence. At this point it becomes (once again) utterly clear that INTEGRAL is a very specific Vision of Life. It states that the Core of our Being consists of three INTEGRATED self-organizing levels of existence: Vitality integrated in ego-body-mind, the latter in its turn integrated in Great Consciousness, everything eventually part of the Cosmic Order. The crucial point is that what makes us human our Threefold Self-Organizing Core is (almost) entirely absent in the structure of Regular medicine. Believe it or not: The greatest taboo in medicine is....CURE. CURE cannot be measured, therefore it is simply left out of medical research. CURE, where it should be all about in medicine, is NOT the aim of therapy. Realize it for a moment: Regular medicine is NOT about CURE. That which makes us human: the meaningful, interconnected Unity of our Vital Life, our Identity and our Intelligence has no place in its vision on human functioning. We are only a machine, a bundle of functions without inherent self-regulating power. The sad thing is that the US induced, “integrative” medicine equally considers medicine as a bundle of (random) methods only. It is a hand in glove game. A medicine that denies the CORE of human existence is hostile to life. “Integrative” medicine hereby serves as a Trojan horse. It only pretends wholeness, in reality it is a footman of “Big Brother” though. We are deeply hurt, upset and angry because of above mentioned (deliberate) and major offence against human dignity and integrity by ruling interests, in this case medicine. People are reduced to a bunch of symptoms objects - a final step towards a zombie-society. This is the reason why the New Health Care puts so much emphasis on Self Care. It is not only because of practical reasons, the fact that a healthy lifestyle is good for 40-60% prevention (cure) of illness. We have to reclaim our Innermost Nature, the foundation of Life, THAT which makes us truly human. This is where INTEGRAL is all about.

22. Now the Very Good News: No (endless) deliberations are needed. You can start immediately. Our first step is our “Personal Health Plan” (PHP) Self Help project in 10 Steps for free in my website (English, German, Dutch), and as a brochure. Announcements you may find in the “social” media (Twitter, Gmail and Google+). My recommendation: First study the “Flow System Therapy” book and the PHP program thoroughly. Second step is doing the PHP at least for 6 weeks. Third: after completing share your experiences with others. Fourth: more people will do the PHP. Fifth: create a PHP support group in your neighbourhood. You then may invite dr. Han or drs. MeiMei for a lecture. After that a joint strategy can be discussed. Some initiatives may already start with implementing the Three Echelons on their local level. There are possibilities to further educate yourself through MeiMeis Basic Health courses. Help translate this Manifesto into your own language. Join!

“Dr. Han” medical career


(Technological) Medicine

Treating symptoms

“Alternative”/Biological/Holistic Medicine
Optimizing basic metabolic functions, based on dynamic (humoral) pathology,
in particular stimulating/supporting the immune-system, detoxification,
plus a healthy lifestyle

Integral Medicine
(Wo)Man as an integrated Whole - spiritually, psychologically, physically - in
harmony with the Cosmos, nature and society
(Just putting some random alternative therapies together doesnt make it
Integral Medicine as we understand it)

Cosmic Medicine
Ego as an isolated entity, alienated from Life is the cause of all suffering.
The ultimate healing is to give up ones ego. Eventually,
only the Cosmos can heal it.

24. Han Marie Stiekema, medical doctor graduated 1972 Groningen State University, NL. He subsequently specialized in Traditional German Medicine (Ganzheitsmedizin, Biological Medicine). This brochure gives an overview of 45 years of medical practice. Astonishingly his development went along the line of "The Great Learning" (Chin.: “Dasüe). First he practiced regular medicine. Seeing that it was inadequate he extended his practice to Biological Medicine. This gave an enormous boost to his career. In 1998 he offered his skills to Brazil, working together with the WHO Healthy Cities Project. During that time he wrote his Handbook "Flow System Therapy", a breakthrough in theory and practice of medicine. Back to the beginning. Around 1974 he felt the need of adding psychotherapy to his practice. Too many patients suffered from psychological disorders like stress, depression, anxieties and burn-out. He offered simple psychotherapies that could be used as self-help relaxation practices like "Autogenic Training". The third extension (concentric circle) happened a few years later. More and more people struggled with existential problems, like "who am I?" and "what is the purpose of life?". He honoured their request by starting meditation (Zen) courses. The combination with fasting therapy had wonderful results on all levels of the personality. Slowly it dawned to him that for real cure a doctor has to include all areas of life. The next round was centred around the complaints of people about their "alienation from life". They felt lonely, cut off from reality. It touches the key problem of Western society. People are identified with their ego, totally cut off from the Wholeness of Life. They feel "thrown upon themselves". They complain about the loss of meaning: in the relationship, in the community and in the religion. "All values" have disappeared they say. For dr. Han this was an invitation to once again extend the scope of his work. He was forced to rethink the core principles of medicine. The result was a new definition of Wholeness and Healing calling it "Integral Medicine": "Man as a unity: spiritually, psychologically and physically in harmony with the Cosmos, the Earth and Society". Doctor Han understood the implications, also for himself. So he took some time off to rethink his work. He realized that in order to make his work clear to the people he had to write its principles down. The result is Book “Origin” 1, 2 & 3. Even he himself was surprised by the outcome. It is a very "traditionalist" project. He realized the parallels with the Chinese Classics like "The Great Learning" (400 BCE): to begin with your Self while extending it - through concentric circles - into your surroundings. Another surprise was his direct link with science. It was clear that through his re-definition of health several scientific disciplines had to be included. So he studied history, anthropology, social science, world religions, psychology, physics and ecology. The result is an inclusive approach in which all parts are interconnected. His ability of having an overview over these disciplines upgraded his status. As a visiting teacher he made several tours worldwide offering his teachings. In the near future he aims at extending his activities to key organizations, universities, for instance. Ultimately he understood the core (existential) problem: the ego. As an isolated entity, alienated from Life it is the cause of all suffering. Only by becoming part of the Whole once again, humanity will be healed. Therefore Cosmic Medicine is the crown of all healing efforts. It supports people on their way back “Home” in order to become regenerated, renewed. His handbook Natural Medicine “Flow System Therapy” is the first step.

“Flow System Therapy”

ISBN 90-70525-32-2. 216 p., 6 diagrams, 10 illustr.,  
PIP Press,1999, Amsterdam, NL

*Health and "civilization-related" (chronic) disease have a common
denominator called "Flow System",
*It can be defined as the dynamic equilibrium between input, processing and
output of nutrients, oxygen, water, waste products and toxins respectively,
*Input, processing and output can be divided in seven stages: agriculture/
nutrition, digestion, blood circulation, combustion, assimilation,
detoxification and elimination,
*Through causes from within and without most people suffer from imbalance of these
basic functions,
with "secondary disorders" as a consequence,
*Rather than treating "specific diseases", examination, diagnosis and treatment
of these basic metabolic functions will lead to optimal wellness,
*The Flow System: surprising new insights, a wealth of effective practices.


*Medical system theory as its scientific foundation,
* Science, medicine, psychology, spirituality, the environment and
society are intimately connected,
*MESS: Multi Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome as the revolutionary etiological
model for civilization/technology related disorders,
*Effective preventive and therapeutic solutions to the large-scale threats of
so-called "new risks": the sumtotal of allergy, ME, RSI, EMF,
immune-deficiencies and countless others,
*The New Health Care based on three concentric circles ("echelons")

of Self Care, Holistic and Technological Medicine,
*Fundamental solutions to the key problems of health care: enormous cost
reductions, a health rather than disease-oriented system, new options for health insurances,
attractive conditions for health care workers and
*Effective solutions to the health problems of the "Developing World".


*Taking your health in your own hands,
*The availability of a simple, effective, cheap and comprehensible health
care system with 200 self help techniques,
*The prospect of optimizing health, with "automatic" improvement of chronic
disease for which the existing health care has no adequate solutions,
*Optimal wellbeing for all people
*To considerably reduce the costs of health insurance premiums,
*Large scale health education in the community, the schools, of new style
Basic Health Consultants, professional trainings and universities,
*Support for organic agriculture and nature conservation projects worldwide, 
*The aim: a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy society.


Han M.Stiekema, M.D. "FLOW SYSTEM THERAPY", ISBN 90-70525-32-2. 1999 PIP Press, Amsterdam, 216 pag., 6 diagrams, 10 illustrations, 200 self-help techniques. We will send you a copy (incl. postage) after having received  €(euro) 25.00 (for Holland),  30.00 (for the EU) or  35.00 (for all other countries), via Paypal or direct transfer to the ABNAMRO bank account (IBAN: NL16ABNA0562330127 BIC: ABNANL2A) of H. Stiekema, Bunnik, The Netherlands with mentioning of FST, the number of copies, your name, address, zip code, town/city/state and country. Depending on the country you live in, the mailing of the book may take one to three weeks. "Flow System Therapy" is only available via mail-order, not via the bookstore.

To suppress symptoms while selling this as “cure” is a worldwide “conspiracy” of extreme magnitude

Day Course 1
Self Care “Health for All”

1. Personal Health Plan in 10 Steps
(Based on Flow System Therapy)
2. Humoral/Dynamic Pathology
(Homotoxicology acc. Dr H.H.Reckeweg)

3. Regeneration
Spiritual, emotional, physical
(Integral Chinese Guasha Therapy)
4. A New Health Care
(Self Care, Holistic & Technological Medicine)


In Depth Day Course 2
Cosmic Healing

1. The Ego-Catastrophe
(The core of our suffering)
2. Back to the Origin in order to be Renewed
(Birth of your True Self)

3. To be part of the Whole, once again
(“Heaven, Earth and the (New) Community”)
4. Healing the Planet in 10 Steps
(As Above, So Below)

Advanced Training 3
Leadership Training
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service, Earth Service
(Green Men & Wise Women)
(See Website or Book “Origin” 3, ch. 42)

Post-Antibiotic Medicine for Modern (Wo)Man
(Integral Chinese Guasha Therapy)

26. You probably have seen it in the countryside. A horse "scraping" its body against a tree or barn. Apparently, something disturbing "occupies his/her mind". It can be itching, pain, a horse fly, a trauma, a swelling, a furuncle or sunburn. In those cases the horse (sheep, goat, cow, pig, dog, and cat) intuitively knows the right way to get rid of it. It must have been very inspiring for early humans to see how animals cope with these kinds of situations. So, pre-historic people took a stone and did the same. Apparently with success, because ever since "scraping therapy" is part of (wo)man's therapeutic arsenal. Scraping stones are more than tens of thousands of years old. (Also used for cleaning skins). In classical times (Roman e.g.) scraping instruments, used as therapy tools, have been excavated. But it was in China that "scraping" was widespread. At a very early stage it became part of the Healing System of the Yellow Emperor. The latter considered being the founder of Chinese Traditional Medicine. Again, as with Flow System Therapy, Chinese Guasha connects directly with early stages of evolution. It is based on stimulating the immune system. In ancient times, people "lived adventurously". In daily life there were countless moments in which they were exposed to influences of all kinds: cold and heat, weather conditions, physical exhaustion, food shortages, all kinds of trauma's and diseases. Their "hygiene" wasn't like ours at all. The advantage: their body-mind received countless stimulants for the immune-system. This in contrast to "modern" times. Our "lifestyle" dominated by passivity, overconsumption, exposure to high frequency electro-magnetic radiation, psychological stress and existential fear......only undermines the immune-system, rather than boosting it! Moreover, regular medicine is very poor at immune-stimulating therapies. So we are very proud and happy to have re-introduced to the West one of the oldest and most effective immune-boosting treatments, ever: also called “Stone Age Therapy” for Modern (Wo)Man. &

Regeneration of body, mind & spirit
The details

MeiMei brought a wondrous therapy from China to EuropeINTEGRAL GUASHA REGENERATION THERAPY
It is so versatile, simple and effective that inevitably it has become her mission to help as
many people as possible

27. We have added this therapy to our "Flow System Therapy"*, the holistic/natural approach to health and healing, which I have practised for more than 44 years....Guasha means „scraping". Originating from prehistoric times and still practised by some Indigenous Peoples, Guasha found its way into the mainstream of Chinese Traditional Medicine. In the treatment, a special oil is put on a particular area of the skin, after which the therapist starts „scraping" the area with a „scraper", an instrument specially designed of jade, horn or metal. Very soon the skin becomes red. The amazing thing is, that on places where disorders are hidden, red spots appear in the skin - not on the skin.. Because the scraping is on the oily skin, the patient will hardly feel any pain - neither during nor after the treatment - and the „bloody" areas will fully disappear within 3 to 7 days.

* See: &

28. The spectacular results of Integral Guasha are achieved, because of its simultaneous balancing effects on the skin, the subcutis, the connective tissue, the blood vessels, the lymph system, the periost, the muscles, the nerves, the meridians, the brain and the immune system and through them on the various functions, systems and organs of the entire body. In the connective tissue, it washes out accumulated waste, de-acidifying and detoxifying the body.

29. Integral GUASHA Regeneration Therapy is stimulating the immune system, detoxifies and de-acidifies, promotes the circulation, regulates functions and organs, removes blockades and pain, revitalizes and regenerates ("life-extension"), diminishes stress, fatigue and burn-out, improves e.g. cures indirectly countless (chronic) disorders and complaints, rebalances emotions, relaxes and promotes clarity of mind...everything through ONE simple treatment!

30. Through Integral Guasha, blood is forced through the capillary wall into the connective tissue, where it is stimulating the immune-response. It is based on the scientific results of the micro-lesion theory, developed in the US. Bringing blood in your own tissue - aimed at immune-stimulation - is also known in Europe. In Germany they have two techniques, called „Eigenbluttherapie", therapy with your own blood and "petechiale Saugmassage", in which, with the help of a vacuum machine, blood is sucked from the capillaries into the subcutis. Moreover, Guasha supports the lymph-system in transporting and filtering waste-products. Through the periosteum, which is the „inner skin" on the bones, Guasha is effectively stimulating reflection zones, while according to Traditional Chinese Medicine the meridians - the energy-channels of the body - become balanced. Guasha therefore includes and thus replaces massage, connective tissue treatment, reflexology, periosteum massage, acupuncture, moxa, lymph drainage, relaxation, oxygen therapy, detoxification and immune therapy. Not surprisingly, the list of disorders and diseases, which can be treated with Guasha is quite impressive*. From a simple revitalizing treatment to rheumatism, from migraine and Menière to chronic fatigue (ME), allergies, food intolerance, candida, PMS, all pain syndromes, back pain, cervical syndrome, sciatica, digestive system disorders, asthma, metabolic disorders, angina pectoris, hypertension, immune deficiencies and many more...

*Especially in the area of pain relief it is unequalled. Hence, our offer to all those who suffer pain, from head, neck, shoulder, joint and back pain to RSI, fibromyalgia, sciatica and other nerve pain, migraine, PMS, osteoporosis, rheumatism and many other disorders.

31. Supported by scientific research micro-circulation, micro-lesion, central nervous system lymphatics, immunological research, TCM, Flow System Therapy, detox and more a future without Guasha would be a grave omission. It makes Guasha one of the first choices at regenerating body, mind and spirit. Recent research at the University of Virginia supports this. It discovered that the brain is connected to the body lymph system. This means that e.g. stagnation of lymph from the brain back into the body is co-responsible for all kinds of brain e.g. psychological disorders. Guasha can be used in cases of concentration and memory loss, to promote clarity of mind, intelligence, energy-boost, inner balance, depression, stress, and burn-out but also as a prevention of chronic (degenerative) illnesses, like early ageing, dementia, Alzheimer, including specific diseases like macula-degeneration. Because of its unique immune-system supporting qualities, Guasha in combination with Flow System Therapy - plays a key role in mastering problems, due to the post-antibiotic era, which is about to come. We therefore extend our educational programs to schools, academies, universities while approaching international organizations (WHO, EU, UN), subsequently introducing Guasha to all sections of society.

Additionally we offer the possibility of Integral Guasha Therapy, Training & Courses, taught by Master MeiMei Yu, M.A., therapist and teacher from China.

Dr. Margaret Chan
Director-General of the WHO writes:

32. “If current trends continue unabated, the future is easy to predict. Some experts say we are moving back to the pre-antibiotic era. No. This will be a post-antibiotic era. In terms of new replacement antibiotics, the pipeline is virtually dry, especially for gram-negative bacteria. The cupboard is nearly bare. Prospects for turning this situation around look dim. The pharmaceutical industry lacks incentives to bring new antimicrobials to market for many reasons, some of which fall on the shoulders of the medical and public health professions. Namely, our inability to combat the gross misuse of these medicines. From an industry perspective, why invest considerable sums of money to develop a new antimicrobial when irrational use will accelerate its ineffectiveness before the R&D investment can be recouped? A post-antibiotic era means, in effect, an end to modern medicine as we know it. Things as common as strep throat or a childs scratched knee could once again kill. Some sophisticated interventions, like hip replacements, organ transplants, cancer chemotherapy, and care of preterm infants, would become far more difficult or even too dangerous to undertake. At a time of multiple calamities in the world, we cannot allow the loss of essential antimicrobials, essential cures for many millions of people, to become the next global crisis”.

“The EU has its eyes wide open to the problem. This is readily seen in the number
of recent policies, directives, technical reports, strategies, and regulatory
decisions designed to reduce antibiotic consumption”.

We think her effort doesnt suffice. The only solution comes from a Subsidiary
New Health Care:
“What you can do for your own health, you do (Self Care).
What you cannot do yourself is done by Holistic Medicine. The latter does
everything it can to support your inherent healing power. What it cannot
do is handled over to Technological Medicine. This is the
foundation of a “Post-Antibiotic Medicine”

1. The Personal Health Plan (PHP) in 10 Steps for free in our website.
2. Health is our own responsibility; Health Care supports us
when we cannot handle it ourselves anymore.
3. Everywhere where you read “integrative” it is NOT INTEGRAL
(acc. to dr. Han M. Stiekema).
4. Dont allow Regular Medicine and the State
(“Big Brother”) to control our Health!
5. Spread the Message/Donations are (very) welcome.
6. Organize a talk/lecture/teaching with dr. Han in your home town/city.

Info &Contact
WHC Coordination, Koningslaan 7
3981 HD Bunnik, the Netherlands
(Manifesto is also available in German and Dutch)

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